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Family law — a complicated area of the law that requires an experienced attorney who understands the courts, the law, and the challenges families face. When seeking help from a family law attorney you want to know you are dealing with someone who has the willingness, time, and ability to thoroughly analyze your case and help you make the right decision about moving forward. When spouses can agree on major issues, it may be a good idea to use the collaborative divorce model. This is often less stressful, takes less time, and is more cost-effective than going through the litigation process. If you can’t agree on issues, we have the trial experience to navigate you through any litigation.

Our office in Tavares, Florida has experience handling a range of divorces; we work with numerous clients where there is a lot of conflict, particularly over assets in cases where there are businesses or other substantial assets involved. We know that moving on with your life is not easy; particularly if you were dependent on your spouse for the bulk of your living expenses.

We also handle other types of legal matters including those impacting child custody, alimony payments, and minor criminal offenses. We know each of these types of cases impacts everyone in the family and we do our best to always keep in mind, that while we have one client, the decisions we make impact others as well.

Residents of Lake, Sumter, Marion, Orange, and Seminole County who need an experienced family law attorney should contact Keedy & Vasti, P.A. We have years of experience handling a range of family law issues and understand no two cases are identical.