Family Law

Family Law

Family law issues are particularly stressful for everyone involved. Family law issues are further complicated when they involve children. Mothers and fathers often have very different ideas about what is best for their child, particularly when the parents have never been married or when you are going through a divorce. There are few things that are more difficult to resolve between otherwise reasonable adults.

Florida Paternity Suits

There has been an increase in out of wedlock births across Florida. In these cases, it is important for the child involved to encourage a healthy relationship with both parents. Mothers and fathers are obligated to provide both financial, and emotional support to their children. Whether you are a mother who needs to prove who the father of your child is or you are a father who is interested in a relationship with your child, Keedy & Vasti, P.A. can help you through the legal process.

Child Support Guidelines in Florida

In Florida, there are certain guidelines the courts are obligated to follow to determine the amount of support that will be paid by a parent. The guidelines are designed to ensure the child’s needs including schooling, housing, food and clothing, and health are cared for. Both parents are responsible for ensuring a child is not adversely impacted because of a lack of financing. The courts will take various costs including health care, daycare expenses, and transportation (when applicable) costs into consideration when ordering child support payments.

Timesharing or Custody Modifications

Life is full of changes, and so are the factors affecting the best interests of your children. Florida law allows for the modification of timesharing or custody consistent with the best interests of your children.

Residents of Lake, Sumter, Marion, Orange, and Seminole County who need help with paternity, or child support issues should contact the Tavares, Florida offices of Keedy and Vasti, P.A. We can help ensure the needs of your children are taken into consideration throughout these difficult processes.